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We call standard any backplane that is compliant to an industrial specification such as PICMG® or VITA® and does not have any custom defined features. Such a backplane will always be compatible with any boards that is compliant with one standard or another. The standard backplanes can be developed as families, with the dimensions and the number of slots as the differentiator.
However, in the latest years the new specifications, and here VPX and uTCA must be used as examples, set a rather general set of standard features required in order to claim compliancy. Many aspects of the backplanes are left to be user defined, making such a backplane a custom standard-based backplane. Same backplane may not fit in all environments, although compliancy is claimed.
Elinktron's specialists designed standard backplanes for more than 10 years. We designed the first Compact PCI backplanes in the '90s and since then we designed standard backplanes compliant to almost all PICMG® or VITA® specifications, in various sizes. We recently took on the latest VITA VPX based specifications, such as VITA67, OpenVPX.

MicroTCA backplane


This is a non redundant MicroTCA backplane with JTAG slot. It is compliant to the PICMG uTCA specification

VPX, VITA67 compliant standard backplane


This standard VPX backplane features RF modules on 3 slots per VITA67 specification.
It is a 3U form factor and it is one of the latest technologies developed by VITA.
Elinktron is as always a step ahead by being involved in the new technologies while they still develop.

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5-slot VPX hybrid backplane


This standard hybrid 6U VPX backplane features a VME64x slot and it is compliant to VITA46.0 and VITA46.1

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