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Adrian Vasile
Co-founder and CFO

Adrian has 10 years of experience in PCB layout design of boards and backplanes. His background spans design of complex high-speed circuit boards for telecom with specific expertise in high-speed routing, PCI Express Gen2 switching, 10G Ethernet switching. He developed numerous applications for networking and telecom. He speaks English and Italian fluently.
Adrian is in charge with the finance department and is a valuable member of the engineering being daily involved in the design of the most challenging boards. He is also acting as project manager for various projects.
He previously worked as a senior electronic engineer at Elma Electronic Romania.
Adrian holds a MS in EE.

Bogdan Gavril
Co-founder and CEO

Bogdan has 13 years of experience in the PCB design service business with strong background in backplane design and system development. His expertise is in active backplanes design and system integration.
Bogdan is in charge with the sales and with the Altium VAR activities and is involved in the engineering activities related to active backplanes and boards design.
He previously worked as GM of Elma Electronic Romania and as Director of Engineering with Bustronic Corporation in Fremont, California.
Bogdan holds a MS in ME.

Dan Sarbu
Co-founder and CTO

Dan has an extensive experience in boards and backplane layout design. He developed a 52 layers backplane for telecom, an acclaimed achievement. His experience was highly valued with multiple occasions while working on-site for various customers in Germany, Netherlands and Italy.
Dan is in charge with the engineering department and is permanently involved in the design activity.
He previously worked as Senior Electronic Engineer at Elma Electronic Romania.
Dan holds a MS in EE.