PCB Design


Input required before we start a project

Before we start any design we must make sure that all the available information pertaining to the project gets to us. Having all the information at the beginning will help us to avoid unnecessary delays later on in the project. Take for example the mechanical constrains. The board or the backplane we design for you must fit in a chassis or a mechanical fixture and we all want to have a match from the first run. An incomplete mechanical drawing that changes in the middle of the project can throw the schedule weeks back just to accommodate this change. But a change in the size of the PCB can lead to changes of the components, of the placement and routing strategies that can bring everybody back to the beginning of the project.

The specification is the document that must contain all the requirements for the design. Whether we refer to the specification for a schematic design or one for a layout design, everything that it is known at the time of its release must be included in the specification. There may be revisions along the project, but if the major aspects of the design are contained in the first version the impact of any change can be greatly reduced.

As part of our commitment to quality  we will analyze your specification and will release a document called "Design Flow" in which we will exchange questions and answers in order to clarify all the issues and fill the gaps. This document will be used along the entire project such that at the end we will not release the design unless all items in this document have been closed.

Based on your specs, drawings, standards, initial Design Flow release, phone calls and our input, Elinktron will create the project specification. This specification will not only contain the collected actual information, but will reflect our understanding and interpretations plus our know-how applied to the respective project.
We will start the design only after you approve this specification.

Here is a list of the most usual input data we require before starting a layout design:

  • SOW (Scope of Work) document
  • Specification
  • Compliancy specification (such as IPC, NEBS, Belcore, military specifications)
  • Netlist in a mutually agreed EDA format
  • Schematic in a mutually agreed EDA format
  • Mechanical drawing in DXF or PDF format
  • Placement drawing (if existing)
  • Preliminary BOM with preferred parts

Here is a list of the most usual input data we require before starting a schematic design:

  • SOW (Scope of Work) document
  • Specification
  • Compliancy specification
  • High level logic block diagram
  • Preferred components list

You can provide info and upload input files for a quotation using our online form.