PCB Design


Who we are

Combine the analytic skills given by solid EE training with extensive experience in designing complex custom circuit boards and backplanes and you will get the working formula for the success of your PCB design.

And this is exactly what we offer.

Each member of our team has years of experience in designing backplanes and boards for customers in US, EU and Israel.
Our engineers designed the very first Compact PCI backplanes in the ‘90s and along the last decade they designed backplanes and boards based on most of the known standard architectures, in all flavors and sizes as well as fully custom defined designs. Our decades long combined experience includes work with various CAD software platforms like Altium Designer, PCAD, Mentor Graphics Board Station, Expedition, Pads, Allegro, OrCAD.

Elinktron Technology was founded in July 2008 in Bucharest by three former top engineers of Elma Electronic. Elma Electronic is now one of the valued Elinktron's customers.