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We offer schematic design as a separate service or as part of the boards and backplanes layout design.
As a separate service we can start from a high level logic block diagram or from the description of the functionality. In any case we bring our expertise in electronic design. We choose the parts or we can use your preferred parts and work closely with the suppliers in order to make sure that your application will be cost effective and easy to build. For each project we build the components and the library. We also run simulations before releasing the schematic to prove the concept and the functionality.
Our expertise includes PCIExpress switching, GigaBit Ethernet switching, power supplies, CANBus, serial interfaces.
We are currently building our FPGA design capabilities so we will be able to offer you a turn-key service, a complete package that will include FPGA, schematic, simulations and layout design.
For any layout design that we do we design the schematic first, based on the specification, and submit it for you approval before comencing the layout design. This way we are sure that the PCB functionality and all your requirements are met.

PCI Express switch active ATCA-based backplane


The main function of this active ATCA-based backplane is PCI Express switching. We started from a high level logic block diagram provided by the customer and developed the schematic.
The main functional blocks are:

  • PCI Express switching which consists of six PCIe Gen2, 5.0GT/s 48-lane, 12-port PCIe Switches
  • PCIe switch HW configuration block
  • Power supply and filtering, with DC-DC converters from 48V to various local voltages
  • IPMI block, based on an IPMI processor which monitors the temperature and all the voltages on the backplane through several I2C busses
  • GB Ethernet base interface which is the control plane for all 10 backplane slots

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CompactPCI active backplane


This active backplane features two CompactPCI bus sections that can act independently or be connected through a PCI-to-PCI bridge to form a common bus. A switching block allow the operator to choose between the two modes.
We started from a functional description provided by the customer and we developed the logic block diagram and the schematic.
The main functional blocks are:

  • Compact PCI bus, two sections, 32-bit, 33MHz clock
  • PCI-to-PCI bridge
  • CPI bus switching block consisting of 23 CMOS Wide Bandwidth Quad 2:1 Muxes
  • Control signals for switching function

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