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We put at work for you our more than a decade long design experience .

We are your link to technology.

You can rest assured that once your project is in our hands you will be successful.

We use the best practices and the latest technologies and we are always up to date. It is an essential part of our commitment to quality.

Today we offer design services for layout and schematics and our expertise includes complex high-speed boards and active backplanes. We "grew up" with the PICMG and VITA specifications  along with many other standards and norms. In the last decade we did hundreds of designs ranging from the early Compact PCI to the most recent VPX and MicroTCA.

For the future we plan to expand our services. We are now heavily investing in developing the FPGA design department. We use the Altium Designer FPGA solutions and their NanoBoards.
We are also developing the Components Design and Library Management services. A dedicated team will be able to closely work with our customers on designing the components and organizing and managing the thus created libraries. All the components will be compliant with the latest norms and industrial standards and will benefit from our extensive experience in manufacturing and assembly requirements.

Soon we will apply for ISO certification of our quality management system. We know that sustainable quality matters.